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Go! Travel Unlimited, fondly called GTU by our friends and users, is an on-line portal of Travel products and services for those in the frontline of the Travel industry: the Travel Retailer.

We believe that the Travel Retailer is the true hero and prime mover of Travel as a business. Therefore, we aim to be the foremost, preferred tool of their trade. The various Travel products that Travel Retailers sell day in and day out to their customers are all in here: Air – seats on Domestic and International flights, Land Arrangements – rooms in hotels and resorts as well as tours and other arrangements a traveller might need or want for a trip. We even have ancillary products and services that the Travel Retailer can offer to their clients. Great pains have been undertaken on our end to make sure that the products are organized efficiently and that the processes to book and purchase these are smooth and easy so that a Travel Retailer can deliver the best service possible to a customer.

At the heart of GTU are our Core Beliefs. These are the bedrock of everything we do and the guiding light of all our actions. From the sourcing and streaming of products to the way we deal with Travel Retailers. We accept it as truth that our Core Beliefs is what will make GTU thrive in the capricious and constantly- changing Philippine Travel industry.

A True Passion
Travel, although glamorous on the outside with its share of perks, is a tough and mean business on the inside that can eat you alive. As many who ventured into this business quickly discover, it is not an endeavor for the faint of heart nor the weak of will. To be able to rise above the fray and succeed, one has to have a TRUE PASSION for Travel as a business. Not lip service or because it looks nice in an “About Us” write-up, but the passion we have for our business is in our hearts.

The numbers are important to us; just like any other business on the planet. But we take the numbers in equal measure to the fulfillment and pride we get when we are able to successfully fulfill a booking for one of our partner Travel Retailers – whether that Travel Retailer is a large network with stores throughout the country or a stand-alone entrepreneur with a small stall or based at home. Travel isn’t just our work. It is the blood in our veins and the air that we breathe with gusto.

Business With Honor
We run our business with efficiency and profitability in mind but we are also deeply conscious to run our business with honor. Doing business with honor means putting out Travel products and services of quality. Products and services that we can stake our name on. Products and services that don’t have any strings attached, surprises or silent caveats that can make a customer’s experience turn sour in the blink of an eye. We may not have the cheapest product or service at the time of purchase but these will still be competitive in price and, most importantly, assured in value and quality.

Doing business with honor means making sure that our relationship with our partner Travel Retailers is one that is based on fairness . We won’t short-change or delay our service unnecessarily. We don’t believe in reaping all the benefits and letting our partners carry all the burden. It is not in us to put one over people who help us with our business.

Doing business with honor means we give what is due to the country. We don’t cheat on taxes and what we collect from Travel Retailers and customers. We see the running of our business as helping to make a vibrant Travel industry. We believe sincerely, maybe even naively, that doing those is our small way of contributing to building our nation.

Pushing the Envelope
To thrive in this cut-throat and fast-paced business, we know we need to tread bravely and to run fast. We are keenly aware that todays’ hottest trend can turn into yesterday’s news quite fast. That’s why we don’t settle for the ordinary and the usual way of doing things when it comes to developing products and services and seizing opportunities that come our way.

We are always on the look-out for new technology and techniques that we can use to enhance our processes; to find better ways to deliver Travel products and services to our customers. It’s not beyond us to even look at how things are done in other industries to see what can work for us. Technology and techniques continuously change Travel as a business and we openly embrace this.

In the end, “About Us” is really About YOU, the Travel Retailer – products that YOU can sell to your customers, processes to make it easy for YOU to book and pay for a product for your customers and a system to help YOU deliver exceptional service.

There is just really one singular way we look at things: when the Travel Retailer succeeds, GTU succeeds. YOU making it as a Travel Retailer is what will keep GTU moving forward. And we are committed to YOU and GTU – US – moving forward together.

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